Friday, December 5, 2014


Vance Loggins emerged from Hair and Make-UP and proclaimed, "I'm the King of the Fairies!"
"I trust you Audrey," Vance wispered as I looked into his eyes and finished his lipstick.
"I trust you to Vance. You look gorgeous, it's truly amazing your beauty." Thank you so much for modeling for me! 

Thank You Benn Pullis, Morgan Yates, Michael Verdegaal and Loryn Ruiz-Mendoza for coming to BLOW OUT all this HAIR! I had such fun doing make- up with you Loryn! Another amazing time playing dress up and collaborating! Be who you want. say what you want, do what you want, and with each of those wants, know that each action shapes your world!

Jesse Hinson and Bellamy Millynn! THANK YOU DARLINGS FOR PLAYING DRESS UP WITH US! What an incredibly Glam group of babes, & oh yes what a FUN NIGHT @churchoffun!

Michael Verdegaal I'm so glad to have met you this night and had the pleasure of taking your photograph. Looking forward towards collaborating again.

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