Monday, December 1, 2014

Ho Ho Ho - Another Christmas Special

Santa Youth December/2013
The following photos were taken by MissAudPics at two seperate venues: "The Smell" and a fundraiser for Toys For Tots, both held in Down Town, Los Angeles.

 HAPPY DECEMBER 1st, 2014 These Photos are from ONE YEAR AGO! Santa Youth played a show at "the SMELL", a venue here in LA. It was a cult classic kind of night you can't forget even though you blacked out. I was so drunk and I don't even drink.

TO MY VIEWER: This is the first day of a new wave of content that will be released everyday this December. MISS AUD PICS is bringing you a NEW POST EVERYDAY, like some sort internet fad advent calendar. I want you to get into it! SO lets start the conversation! I believe in sharing inspiration and ideas. I want to read what you the viewer think!!!

WHAT ARE YOU DOING DIFFERENTLY THIS HOLIDAY SEASON>? Traditions are beautiful. They bring community together. Here you can see my favorite Los Angeles tradition, Santa Youth !!! Santa Youth is a seasonal band here in LA with, as you can see, one HELL of a PARTY following!

How are you going to bring your community together this December, 2014?

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